Multi-Code Wireless keypad

Multi-Code Wireless keypad
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Wireless keypad transmitter with 12-button alphanumeric keypad. Uses 4-digit PIN code for access and 1024 selectable transmitter codes to match receiver. Has tamper-resistant, weatherproof plastic enclosure. Operates for up to two years on 9-volt battery. Operates with Multi-Code receivers on 300 Mhz only.

This keypad is the answer to many problem situations. When installed to operate an automatic gate or garage door, it permits persons to enter without having to carry a hand-held transmitter (clicker). Now relatives, gardeners, pool cleaners, or anyone you trust with the code can enter. This saves the hassle of handing out keys or expensive transmitters, and if the code shoud need to be changed, it is a simple two-minute task and cost-free.